The HERstory Collaborative

The One With Tricia McKenna

March 11, 2022 Jen Buck Season 2 Episode 47
The HERstory Collaborative
The One With Tricia McKenna
Show Notes

My next guest is the incredibly kind and grounded, Tricia McKenna.

Tricia is the creator of  “ A Heart Grounded” Movement, which is a daily spiritual practice that has transformed her in regard to her early childhood health problems, family trauma, and addictions. She is passionate about sharing the tools and resources that helped her heal so that others can learn from her journey. She’s also a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and a Mentor to people looking to make positive changes in their life. 


Tricia started her career as an Arizona Real Estate Broker and is a committed volunteer and mentor to teen moms, and has recently become a published author with a book called Lineage Speaks which just came out at the end of January. She is currently residing in Gilbert, AZ with her husband Paul and dog Rhea.


Sit back and enjoy-- Tricia is wonderful.



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( @aheartgrounded )





Book: Lineage Speaks

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