The HERstory Collaborative

The One With Carol Starr Taylor

June 07, 2022 Jen Buck Season 2 Episode 53
The HERstory Collaborative
The One With Carol Starr Taylor
Show Notes

My next guest is the resilient and impactful Carol Starr Taylor!

 Carol Starr Taylor is the Founder and Publisher of Star House Publishing Inc., Podcaster with Soulfully Blonde, an International Bestselling Author, Certified Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Business Empowerment Leader, NLP Master Practitioner, Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Law of Attraction Coach Practitioner and EFT. 

 She is a two time recipient of the Brilliant Minded Women Award and recognized as one of the “Top 100 Women in Canada.” Carol received her Honors Bachelor of Arts, with a specialty in Mass Communications. She has had numerous appearances over the years on Radio, TV, Podcasts and in articles. At Star House Publishing Inc. she is actively building, supporting and empowering her author community by helping them achieve their dreams through publishing.

 Carol just launched her new radio show today called Soulfully Blonde. Her show shares motivating messages and meaningful conversations with Glowgetters, Trailblazers, Soulpreneurs, Authors, Mentors and Coaches as they share powerful wisdom, inspiring lessons and dynamic journeys that will ignite your soul to shine it brightest. I was honored to be the first guest on her inaugural show today and I can promise you that it’s loads of fun. 


 You can reach out to Carol in the following locations:







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