The HERstory Collaborative

The One With Danne Smith Mathis

August 22, 2022 Jen Buck Season 2 Episode 55
The HERstory Collaborative
The One With Danne Smith Mathis
Show Notes

After taking a two month break, I'm baaaack! Thank you all for your patience-- it was necessary and I'm grateful for the downtime. So, without further ado...
My next guest is the remarkable Danne Smith Mathis!


Danne’s definition of “writing” is that it is the process of staying sane in insane situations! Danne Smith Mathis began writing as a poet and biographer at age 9 during the Newark riots in Newark, New Jersey, which is her birthplace.  Danne absorbed quickly the rhythms and the messages of Black poets and prolific writers such as Nikki Giovanni, Countee Cullen, Amira Baraka ( formerly known as Leroy Jones), Sonia Sanchez and Don L. Lee. Danne has coauthored 4 books and is in the process of writing her first solo work whenever she’s not talking with her three adult children or her grandson. 



You can reach Danne Smith Mathis on all social media platforms under her name.












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