The HERstory Collaborative

The One With Marina Yanay-Triner

September 22, 2021 Jen Buck Season 1 Episode 31
The HERstory Collaborative
The One With Marina Yanay-Triner
Show Notes

This week’s guest is the empathetic and incredibly wise Marina Yanay-Triner and she blew my lid right open during this conversation!  You are going to love this episode.


Marina is a transformational master coach with 10 years' experience in dialogue group facilitation, working with Israeli and Palestinian teens around the conflict, and high school teens around sexual assault prevention. She engages her clients in the compassionate awareness of their own trauma, how it has led to their life circumstances, and what is standing in the way of them experiencing full joy. She draws on somatic, body-based practices, inner child work, breathwork, non-violent communication, and more, in her work as a trauma-aware coach.


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