The HERstory Collaborative

The One With Anna Zeccolo Reeves

January 09, 2022 Jen Buck Season 1 Episode 40
The HERstory Collaborative
The One With Anna Zeccolo Reeves
Show Notes

My next guest is Anna Zeccolo Reeves! 


I enjoyed the depth of this interview so much!  Anna is the CEO and founder of Tiny Chefs Inc, and Tiny Chefs Franchise, the leading and premier recreational cooking school for kids in the DC Metro area since 2007.  While she was a kindergarten teacher, Anna combined her passion for teaching along with her ravenous interest in cooking to create the concept of cooking in schools and camps as a turn key program.  


Anna Z Coaching was established to provide women an opportunity to gain greater clarity around their relationships with self and others. She is a Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Coach and Hypnotherapist, amd practices Quantum Time Technique and NLP processes with her clients.  She is currently studying to obtain her Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Certification in Hypnotherapy. 



You can reach out to Anna at the following locations: